Texas Hill Country Summer Travel Ideas

The month of August, a time when back to school commercials begin to air and people start to realize that summer vacation is almost over. Before you start collecting school supplies you may be thinking about taking one last escapade. Before settling into to the daily routine of early morning school drop offs and morning rush traffic.



At this point, it may be too late to take an extensive vacation but how about a getaway weekend trip? Texas is the second largest state in the country so what is nearby be that is fun, interesting, and family friendly? The Texas Hill Country has plenty of hidden gems that can serve as a perfect distraction destination. So, here are 10 of some of the best adventure locations throughout the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

  1. Farm Road 1323

Feel like getting away from the concrete jungle and enjoy a quiet drive through nature? Farm Road 1323 is your best bet to get away from the endless off-ramps, on-ramps, intersections, and traffic jams we face daily.

Located 3 miles north of Johnson City, TX, off highway 281. It’s a road that lays between Highway 281 and Highway 16. The rural road will take you on a scenic route of fields of wildflowers, expansive vistas, and rolling hills. The best part about Texas is that there are tons of scenic routes for people who just want some peace and quiet while enjoying the view through a windshield of their car.

  1. Krause Springs

Located in Spicewood, TX. Krause Springs is a privately owned 115-arce park that features 32 different springs. A great place to go for a swim without the dealing with the hassles of crowds often associated with water parks and national parks. Prices of admission range between $7-5 depending on age, and you can even camp for the night for just $14 a day.

  1. Tres Lunas Resort

Fancy a stay at a quiet resort without having to take out a loan? Tres Lunas Resort has you covered. A 112-arce spread located between Fredericksburg and Mason, Texas, in the historic Loyal Valley. A first class bed and breakfast hidden in the Texas Hill Country that can allow you to complete unplug from the grind of city life with yoga classes, massages, and wellness weekends.

  1. Medina River

The Medina River won’t get at crowded as the Guadalupe River. Which means you have a greater chance of having the river to yourself to enjoy Kayaking , or splash your feet in the cool water. The Medina River Company is always there to help you float down the river in their rented Kayaks. An affordable adventure that is such to take you out of your daily stress.

  1. Fredericksburg Herb Farm

Sometimes taking a deep breath of fresh air is worth getting out of the city for a few days. The Fredericksburg Herb Farm can provide the escape you need to get out into the fresh air without having to bring a tent and sleeping bag. Here you can stay in cozy old time German styled cottages. While enjoying an elegant spa and restaurant that uses fresh produce grown on the property.

  1. Colorado Bend State Park

A Texas park named Colorado, I know, but don’t let the name affect your first impression of this place. People visit this state park can enjoy 32 miles of multi-use routes for explores of all skill levels. Make a plan to visit Colorado Bend State Park if you enjoy: Hiking, mountain biking, caving, fishing, swimming, paddling, bird watching, and wildfire viewing.

  1. Enchanted Rock

It seems that everything worth seeing in Texas is located near Fredericksburg, TX. Enchanted Rock is the nation’s second largest granite dome, the first being Stone Mountain in Georgia. Here you can take the half-mile hike up to the stop of the rock and be rewarded with not just a healthy cardio workout but a view that’ll be sure to gain plenty of hearts on Instagram. Most will recommend you be at the top of the rock just as the sun is about to set to get the best landscape experience. Tonkawa and other Native American tribes believe that the rock talks. Scientist claim that it’s fissures in the granite that are expanding at the end of hot day. Whichever side you believe, it doesn’t change the fact that it be worth adding to your bucket list.

Hamilton Pool and Falls
About an hour southwest of Austin, Texas


  1. Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve

Just 25 miles out of Austin, TX, in Dripping Springs offers the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve. A must-see if you are a fan of hiking or swimming. A protected natural habitat that features a 50-foot waterfall into a jade green pool that is surrounded by limestone walls. This is a nature preserve so calling ahead before going is highly recommend as swimming is sometimes restricted and no pets are allowed. However, if you like the idea of a 5 mile, round trip, hike that takes you a majestic waterfall than this is the place for you.

  1. Wimberley Zipline Adventures

Did you know that there was ziplining available in Texas? In Wimberley, TX, offers you the chance to see the Texas Hill Country like you’ve never seen it before. The Wimberley Zipline Adventure is almost 2 hours of wildlife tours as you see the landscape on 10 zip line crossings! A prefect weekend getaway for an adrenaline junkie who wants to breathe fresh air.

  1. Gruene Hall

Pronounced like the color green and located in Gruene, TX, Gruene Hall is Texas’ oldest continually operating dance hall. Music has filled the walls of this historic building since it was first built in 1878! Live music and concerts are always being performed and the once ghost town of Gruene offers quality local restaurants. Plus, plenty of antique stores to get you feeling nostalgic.

Enjoy Before Summer is Over

Remember to practice safe travel habits when traveling. Safe tires and up to date maintenance on your vehicle will give you peace of mind while traveling.  As always, we encourage you to make the best of your end of summer vacation by staying safe. And practicing defensive driving to better enjoy the beauty of our State of Texas!