With Halloween around the corner, parents around the McAllen area will be letting their little monsters, wander the neighborhood, seeking treats and offering up tricks. However, parents should question whether the roads are safe.

Unfortunately, reckless and distracted drivers exist everywhere including in McAllen, Texas.  Sadly reckless drivers provide a different type of nightmare on the roads for the night of Halloween and the days surrounding this ghoulish holiday.

Reckless Drivers on Halloween

A reckless driver might not notice your little vampire crossing the road or even recognize a large group of kids in the evening time. A seemingly quiet town street in McAllen can be thrown into disarray by a driver who is speeding. Reckless and distracted driving are some of the major causes of car accidents for pedestrians in America and the town of McAllen is not immune to these problems. On the night of Halloween expect to cross paths with distracted drivers oblivious to  crowds of children on sidewalks. As a pedestrian you can keep other pedestrians safe by having each other’s back.  Stay alert even while utilizing walkways.

Car Accidents in McAllen, Texas
Car accidents in McAllen, Texas can happen at any time. We recommend you take extra precautions this Halloween.

Keep Safe this Halloween

It is not advisable for your children to be out on Halloween alone. If they are under the age of 14, they should have a parent or adult with them. With an adult, minors can make sure that they are using extra precautions while crossing busy roads.  Keep in mind accidents can also occur in drive ways. Use precaution in all scenarios including when knocking on the doors of houses on streets around McAllen.

Children of all ages should be taught/ reminded how to safely cross the road.  Always watch out for dangers! We recommend you keep in mind drivers could be distracted looking down at something, or testing and driving.

It is important to understand that reckless drivers are a threat to pedestrians at all times. On Holidays like Halloween traffic can be hectic and pedestrians at extra threat.  Keep in mind children are not always aware of how to cross a road safely.  Help celebrate a safe Halloween and keep a neighborhood watch and remind Trick or Treaters of safety precautions.

Known Car Accidents in McAllen

know there have been numerous cases of tragic accidents on McAllen roads including an incident last month where four people were injured after two spooked horses ran out into the open road. This was a freak accident, but in the case of a reckless driver, someone is always to blame.

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