Jessica Johnson Testimonial – From Weightlifter to Injured and Back

“When I had my wreck, after I called my family, I called the 4’s becuase I knew they’d help me” said Jessica Johnson. 

From Olympic Lifting To Injured And Back

Jessica isn’t just a fitness buff, she’s a competitive Olympic style weightlifter. For her, the injuries she sustained in a wreck didn’t only cramp her style they directly affected her ability to train and compete. 

“I was starting a competitive training cycle, so getting hurt totally sidelined me until I could get treatment and get back on my feet. Jeff and his staff made sure that I got the help I needed to recover and get back training.”

We do appreciate the kind words Jessica. We do our best to make sure anyone that is injured not only gets the treatment they need but also the justice they are seeking. Thanks for trusting the Jeff Davis Law Firm.

The 4’s Are With You!

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