How Does My Personal Injury Attorney Get Paid?

Have you ever wondered how Personal Injury Attorneys get paid when they accept personal injury cases without asking for payment upfront from their clients? Some Personal Injury Attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis.  This means there are no upfront fees due from the client. Only if there is a successful recovery an Attorney will get paid. Contingency fees can work in a client’s favor as the events after an accident can lead to high expenses.  An accident victim may immediately have to deal with unexpected high medical bills and time away from work. Personal injury cases can be costly and time consuming. Learn how a Personal Injury Attorney can start assist you with your case without upfront costs.

Personal Injury Attorney Contingency Contract
Personal Injury Attorney Contingency Contract

Contingency Fees

By definition a contingency fee is defined as a fee charged for services provided where the fee is payable only if there is a favorable result.  That means, a lawyer’s services get paid by the client if the case is won. The best Personal Injury Attorneys have the resources needed to upfront the case costs while working on the case.  It is important to note that complicated personal injury cases can take time to resolve.  In some instances it may take a few years before a complicated personal injury case goes to trial.  At Davis Law Firm, Attorneys work as long as it takes to get the best resolution of your case without any upfront costs to clients.

Benefit of no Upfront Fees

When you hire a Personal Injury Attorney that works on a contingency fee basis, the initial expenses of the case are handled by the Attorney or law firm. A client does not have to worry about the legal costs for the work on the case. The Attorney’s case costs will be addressed at the end of the case when the case is settled and/or a verdict is awarded.  While the Plaintiff focuses on healing, an experienced Personal Injury Attorney will focus on the case work. There is no risk in consulting with a Davis Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney as the initial consultation is free. If there is a case to pursue the Personal Injury Attorneys will pursue without upfront costs. Remember that at Davis Law Firm our Personal Injury Attorneys do not get paid unless there is a recovery on the case.

Costs and Expenses

So, what about all the costs and expenses Personal Injury Attorneys face during the ongoing case? There are many different costs the legal professionals might encounter, including:

  • Medical treatments
  • Doctor visits
  • Medical records retrieval expenses
  • Police report expenses
  • Compiling witness statements
  • Postage fees
  • Filing fees
  • Expert analysis fees

Davis Law Firm is Here 4 You!

Keep in mind that only experienced Personal Injury Attorneys are able to take a risk and pay for case expenses themselves in anticipation that their claim will succeed. At Davis Law Firm we have some of the most experienced Personal Injury Attorneys that are constantly fighting for our clients’ settlement!  We know accidents can bring hardship so we fight for the settlement or jury verdict they rightfully deserve. If you find yourself injured in an accident, you can always contact us at (210) 444-4444, (956) 444-4444 or (361) 444-4444. Our team of personal injury legal representatives offer a free initial consultation.

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