Drunk Driving in Texas

Places like Austin and South Padre Island are witnessing an increase of cars on the road thanks to visiting Spring Breakers. The problem with all holiday traffic is the increased risk that these visitors may be drunk behind the wheel. Last Friday, a memorial service was held in the city of Austin, TX, as a tribute to those killed in the near by region by drunk drivers. A somber reminder before the start of Spring Break that drunk driving brings deadly consequences.

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Dark Side of Spring Break

Last year, the Island of South Padre predicted 250,000 Spring Break visitors arriving on their shores. Great for tourism but dangerous for anyone who thinks they are okay to drive after drinking on the beach all afternoon. Very Well published an article last month discussing the negative effects in the marketing that promotes the Spring Break celebration. The article talked about alcohol industries running ad campaigns and events at popular spring break destinations. In the article, parents showed concern for underage drinking as a result of these promotional events. Easy access to alcohol can create a dangerous environment for young people and college students. In 2016, TxDOT reported 13,510 car crashes involving young drivers ages 17-34 who were drunk driving. Of those car wrecks, 535 people were killed and 1,355 were seriously injured.

DWI Crackdown

Recently Harlingen, TX, announced a near month long focus on DWI patrols. Law enforcement will focus on areas with the highest risk for alcohol related car crashes for their routine patrols. Texas Department of Public Safety has also increased their efforts on taking drunk drivers off the road. Last year, DPS Troopers made 1,389 DWI arrests. Increased patrols were the direct result for an estimated 170 of those DWI arrests. Anti drunk driving efforts and road safety have already started and plan on continuing on until the end of March.  It is important to remember that driving while intoxicated can increase car accident probability.

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Hit by a Drunk Driver, What Now?

Anyone hit by a drunk driver is recommended to seek legal help from a personal injury attorney. Car accidents can bring a mountain of problems. Medical bills and time loss from work due to injuries, can leave victims with financial burden.  Davis Law Firm expertise is in personal injury law.  Our car accident attorneys have focused on helping South Texas victims of an accident to gain the legal representation that they need to continue a normal life post accident. Insurance companies can deny claims and add to the chaos of the aftermath. A trusted personal injury or car accident attorney provides the legal help to get the financial support needed to get life back on track. Davis Law Firm is here 24/7 to listen to your case. Our legal representatives offer free consultations at no risk to you. If you or a loved one has been injured by a distracted or drunk driver contact us today!