Caught in the Headlights – Deer Car Accidents

Texas is ranked 38th in the nation for deer car accidents and crashes. Not very high, but that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods, figuratively speaking. News4SA stated in an article that the likelihood of a Texas driver hitting a deer has increased by 3% from 2015. That means anyone driving in Texas has a 1 in 288 chance of impacting a deer with headlights. An adult white-tailed deer can weight anywhere from 200-400 pounds for a male and 150-220 for females. Striking something that heavy at speed can cause serious, or fatal, injuries to motorists. Not to mention it can total your vehicle. Deer accidents can be just as traumatic as motor vehicle traffic accidents between two or more motor vehicles.

Since most wildlife accidents usually involve a vehicle, car insurance is needed to cover the damage or medical expenses. However, you may find yourself being stuck with the bill if your policy doesn’t include comprehensive coverage, which offers protection against things like: Vandalism, theft, fire, “Acts of God”, and collisions with deer or other wildlife.

Safety Tips for Avoiding Deer in Your Headlights:

Geico insurance came up with a list of preventative and safety techniques to help you avoid a run-in with a white-tailed buck.

  • Number one rule is to slow down. If you are driving through an area known for high deer populations, slow down and observe the speed limit.
  • Always wear a seat belt.
  • Use your high beams whenever the road is free of oncoming traffic. It allows you to scan further down the road for any upcoming animals on, or near, the road.
  • Deer become mesmerized by steady, bright lights, which is why they freeze. Some experts recommend one long blast of the horn to scare them out of the road, or flashing your lights to snap them out of their trance.
  • If you’re on a multi-lane road, drive in the center lane to give as much space to grazing deer, or other wildlife, as possible.
  • Never swerve to avoid a deer in the road! Swerving can confuse the deer on where to run. Swerving at speed can also cause you to lose control of your vehicle and potentially drive off the road or hit an oncoming vehicle.
  • Slow down if you spot a deer on the side of the road because deer are unpredictable and may leap out in front of you in a panic.
  • If an accident is unavoidable and your about to collide with a deer try to release the brake before impact. Hard braking causes the front of your vehicle to dip which can cause the deer to go over the hood and into the windshield.
  • Never touch an animal that is in the roadway. Report the incident to your insurance company as soon as possible.

Avoiding a deer car accident comes down to just taking extra precaution when driving through an area with a large population of wildfire. Slowing down, focusing on the road ahead, and being ready to react are the necessary skills needed to drive defensively. These skills are useful not just for avoiding wrecks with animals, but with other motorists as well.

Keep Calm and Drive On

Driving is a skill, and like any skill in life it requires practice and technique. Remember to reduce your speed when traveling in an area with a dense deer population, especially at night. Wild animals are unpredictable so drivers must be prepared for the unexpected by practicing safe driving habits. Avoid using a smart phone while driving to prevent you from getting distracted and routinely inspect your vehicle’s tire to ensure they are road worthy.


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