Russian Dash Cams

Dash cams have become increasingly popular in Russia over the last couple of years. But why do Russians feel the need to record their daily commutes? The reason behind this popular demand  is for personal protection in the case of a vehicular accident. Russian streets are considered to be extremely dangerous due to high traffic volume, bad road conditions and bad drivers. These three components increase the probability of an accident. The main issue with vehicular accidents in Russia is the lack of persuasion in personal injury claims with verbal evidence. Russian courts do not fully value or consider verbal claims as sufficient evidence to make a personal injury claim. Judges are more inclined to condemn adverse drivers if there is video of the occurrence.

Russian motorists claim that dash cams have been their saviors. They find themselves protected from false accusations and the adverse driver in court. They utilize the dash cam to provide proof of crime, corruption, and even fraud. The next question is whether the dash cams serve a similar purpose in the United States? seems to think so and came up with 7 reasons to start pricing dash cams on the internet.

7 Reasons to Get a Dash Cam

Recording Your Accident

The biggest benefit to having a dash cam is that in the event of a car crash or vehicle accident you will have proof of the event in real time. Having video documentation of an accident is vital in situations where memories are hazy or witnesses are unavailable.

If a dash cam footage proves you were not at fault for a car accident it can save you from dealing with higher insurance rates, arguing with insurance companies and even personal injury claims.


Fraud Protection

A dash cam can also protect you from potential insurance fraud from scammers who like to stage car accidents. YouTube has countless dash cam videos from around the world catching insurance scammers in actions. There are scenarios where pedestrians literally jump in front of a moving car or vehicles purposely back up into the car behind them to claim that they were rear-ended.

According to, the FBI estimates that the cost of insurance fraud is more than $40 billion dollars a year!

Improve Driving Skill

When athletes record themselves they do it so they can watch it at a later time, analyze there techniques and make improvements. Driving can also be improved. Watching yourself drive can expose you to bad driving habit. Maybe you look at your phone too often or don’t use the turn signal every time you switch lanes.

Better driving skills implies a better driving record, which can earn you good driver discounts with your insurance company. Not to mention that you will be more prepared to avoid any potential road hazards that could cause a car wreck.

Parenting Tool

Insuring a driver under 25 means paying for some of the highest insurance rates. Insurance companies see teen drivers as liability due to their lack of experience behind the wheel. If a dash cam can help an experienced driver identify bad habits it can have a similar effect with a new driver.

Parents can sit down with their son/daughter and review dash cam footage to assure that they are driving safely and complying with driving regulations. The sooner a young driver analyzes their driving techniques, the sooner they can improve their driving habits and overall driving.

Protecting the Vehicle Itself

Hit and runs and vandalism can be difficult crimes to solve if there are no witnesses. Having a dash cam means that you will have a reliable eye witness to everything it captures. Having multiple dash cams in your vehicle to record all sides of it can be a great asset in catching vandals or hit and run criminals in parking lots while you are away running errands.

Unexpected Events

Life can sometimes throw us a curve ball in the shape of a deer jumping out at you while driving, or a neighbor’s tree falling on to the hood of your car during a storm. Having video of unexpected events that damaged your vehicle could save you from an insurance claim surcharge since you can provide evidence that you were not at fault. Or you may catch something spectacular on film like the dozens of Russian dash cam videos that captured the meteor crashing down to Earth in 2013.

Filming Peace of Mind

The idea that we need to have a camera in our vehicles recording non-stop to protect ourselves is disheartening. However, at least dash cams can bring you peace of mind when you or someone you love is commuting around town or driving across the country.

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