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December 14, 2016

My case was represented well. From the beginning Jeff, Brian, Rick and Sherri should be commented on a job well done. I was treated with a professional attitude tossed with a human kindness that is sometimes hard to find. They for sure had my back!

-Glenda DeLeon

November 16, 2016

Very easy experience, responded quickly to emails and phone calls.

-Michelle Valencia

November 14, 2016

I had a very good experience with the Davis Law Firm. They took care of all my needs and did everything in a timely manner.I aam very happy overall and would recommend them to anyone! Thank you so much for all your help.

-Keith Carol

October 10, 2016

Holly Nieto, an attorney with Jeff Davis Law Firm handled our case. We were very happy with the results of our settlement and with everyone at Jeff Davis Law Firm. They were always prompt, professional and caring through every step of this process. I highly recommend Holly/Jeff Davis Law Firm. Thank you!

-Amanda McDonald

October 07, 2016

I believe that our rep Diana Resendez was very professional and did an outstanding job for us.

-Pablo Barrientos

September 02, 2016

I have used them 2 times now and it has been smooth sailing took awhile to get settlement but that was only due to the insurance company dragging their feet.

-Richard Daddyrich Hayes

August 16, 2016

I would recommend Davis Law Firm. Steve Smith he was accurate on my settlement and very honest, and polite. Did his best to get all that he could.

-Rebecca Araiza

August 12, 2016

We used Jeff Davis Law firm for a accident we had. They were very helpful from the beginning till the end. We did not have to worry about anything. They did everything for us. We also received a big settlement and very fast. I do recommend to use them. Great friendly Staff.

-Brenda Oblitas

August 11, 2016

I had a great experience with this law firm. They helped me with my case. And settled my settlement.

-Elizabeth Vargas

August 09, 2016

I felt very well cared for, and well informed before a final decision was made. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. I will definitely recommend the Davis Law Firm.

-April Garcia

August 07, 2016

Liked everything about the Law Firm

-Laura Dean

August 05, 2016

They get the job done.

-Gayalahba Yasharahla

July 25, 2016

Jeff met with me when I was in my car accident. He was very detailed in explaining the personal injury process and advised me of my rights. He truly is the best attorney I have worked with!

-Stephany Carrillo

July 14, 2016

I’m doing this testimonial to spread the word of how good the law firm is, I was so happy with the results that I feel people should know for future reference. I feel like Davis law firm deserves to have people know how good they are and I’d be willing to help spread that word.

I was referred by a friend, who said they were great and his case was settled quickly and with ease. I trust that friend so I called. They were able to get the most money for my case and get it closed fairly quickly. My medical bills were taken care of, all my injuries were fixed AND I still had some money left over in my pocket.

Davis law firm was able to handle my case and leave my mind at ease when it came to making sure my case was handled correctly. I never had to contact them for problems. Any problem that arose they were on top of it before it was even a REAL problem. I no longer have pain in my back, the medical references given by Davis law firm did a great job. AND I don’t have to worry about any hefty medical bills because Davis law firm was able to handle them all.

-Juan Bustos

June 29, 2016

A law firm is only as good as it’s staff and I was very pleased with how the people at Davis Law Firm have treated me. Makes me feel like they actually care as if I were a family member. I will definitely recommend DLF to my friends and family if god forbid they ever need a personal injury lawyer.

-Jesus Garcia

June 27, 2016

It was a pleasure for my family and I to hire Davis Law Firm/Attorney Melissa L Dumas.  We were very pleased with Attorney Melissa L. Dumas regarding HER handling my family and MY “needs and wants” in a very professional/business manner.  She kept us aware of everything that we asked for. She has a big heart for her clients and is a very caring person.  We will continue to refer our friends and family, and we will always be proud to be to say we were Davis Law Firm Clients.

-Ms. Olga Jimenez

June 15, 2016

The service was excellent and they came through with more money than I had anticipated, handled all the doctor appointments and where able to find me a physical therapist which helped a lot and made recovery time a lot quicker.  I do appreciate all that Davis Law Team accomplished on my behalf, and would certainly make a personal recommendation should my family, or friends, have a need legal services.

-Donald G.

May, 2016

Attorney Evan Simpson and paraprofessional Curtis McClain, with the Waco office, managed my case, and I have the highest regard for both of them. They are outstanding professionals, who explained the legal processes and procedures thoroughly, provided a graph of the time-line and key stages for my case and I found the fees most reasonable for the comprehensive legal services offered. Evan and Curtis were very personable and put me at ease right away, and relieved my apprehensions and stress over the legal proceedings and outcome. They significantly enhanced the quality of my life as a retiree, and I am grateful to them for their legal services.

– Don Hinson

October 15, 2015

Dear Holly,

How do i say thank you for all that you have done for me? i do not believe there are enough words to begin to express my gratitude. You stepped up to the plate when others turned me away when I explained my story, dismissing it as if it wasn’t worth their time and meant nothing. You on the other hand, showed compassion and treated me with much understanding and you fought for me to the very end! You are not only my attorney for life, but also my friend whom I truly respect and I will follow anywhere you go. God bless your heart! You truly are for the people. Many thanks again.


Tamie Riordan

September 24, 2015

Strong presence in the room.  Plays with his hair as he speaks and looks you directly in the eye.  Straight shooter kind of guy. I had a bicycle car accident, I was on the bike and a vehicle pulled up in front of me and I HIT THE SIDE OF THE TRUCK FLEW OVER THE HOOD AND HAD SEVERE BACK INJURY.  An AMBULANCE HAD TO PICK ME UP AND TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL.  I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A DAY. I saw Davis Law Firm in a commercial and I knew they would have my back. Davis Law Firm helped me get medical attention for my back.

I needed to seek legal counsel/ legal services.  I could no longer perform my job because of my injury.  I tried to go back to work but couldn’t function because of my herniated disks. The insurance company was really difficult to deal with. I was able to put the accident behind me because Davis Law Firm got me the settlement I needed to continue. I liked that Davis Law Firm got my settlement and paid my back bills and debt. Since my case was completed I am able to focus on my health, I am working on a liver transplant. If you’re in an accident you should consul Davis Law Firm for your rights. Davis Law Firm has the staff to handle your case and will provide medical help that you need.

– Mark Brenkke

June 4, 2015

Thank you so much Davis Law Firm and staff! Honestly couldn’t be happier with the service you all provided. I’ve met with different firms in the past few months and this firm is by far THE BEST in San Antonio. They really did have by back from day one.
Thank You Mr. Davis for everything. You have one heck of a staff behind you

-Tiffany Seney

February 27, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank Attorney Joseph Shulter and Keyshia for going above and beyond to help me concerning my bankruptcy. I have a traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, anxiety and short-term memory loss that makes it difficult to function, especially when stressful situations happen to me. Attorney Shulter and Keyshia have been so patient with me and have taken a lot of time with me to explain things and to listen to my concerns during this very difficult process. I am extremely grateful to them for all of the time and effort that they have given to my case. They never make me feel like I am burdening them or bothering them when I call with questions or concerns. They always let me know that they understand my need for reassurance and they relieve my stress concerning all of the obstacles that we have been facing with regards to this bankruptcy and our unique situation with the Minot, North Dakota house that we own. It has been difficult dealing with the added stressors with Mr. Reed Soderstrom because we did not foresee any of this. I am a caring person and don’t want my bankruptcy to negatively affect Mr. Soderstrom keeping/buying the house. I am very anxious about all that we are going through and Attorney Shulter and Keyshia have made every effort to help me get through this and try to relieve my anxiety. I am so very thankful that we have them. Their expertise, kindness, patience and understanding have truly helped me.

Sincerely yours,
Renee Cooper

October 17, 2014

I’m so happy thank you and Davis Law Firm for helping me to have a better life!

Diane Higginbotham
DRH Consultants, LLC

July 11, 2014

Dear Mr. Davis,

I was very satisfied with the DAVIS LAW FIRM El Paso Team! Gloria, Erika and Attorney Erick Martinez put me at ease from the time I walked in to the Davis Law Firm office. They helped me qualify to file for a chapter 7! I highly recommend the Davis Law Firm for any legal issue. Jeff’s team had my back!


Albert Weitnauer

June 11, 2014

Dear Mr. Davis

The Attorneys Shulter and Childress, make your firm stand out from all the rest. They will definitely do what is right in making sure justice is served in all clients’ best interest. My case only had a small monetary value for pursuing, but the overall reason for fighting and impact it had for your firm and all clients throughout Western District was what really made this case worth the overall effort. Watching Mr. Childress in court, seeing that he had done extensive research and was well prepared for the final hearing was oh so evident. That when someone is wrong and justice needs to render correctly, with hard work and due diligence justice can be served. Thank you all once again.

Eric Clark

May 6, 2014

Dear Mr. Davis,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help I received from Joshua Childress and Joseph Shulter. Our bankruptcy had a very unusual filing by the Trustee and I was extremely concerned and worried about the possible outcome. However, during that scary time, Joshua was so attentive and encouraging that it helped to lessen my anxiety. We ended up prevailing over the Trustee due to the extensive and detailed work that Joshua did on this case. I feel so blessed that he and Mr. Shulter were the ones handling my case. Thanks so much for having them on your team of attorneys. I will highly recommend your firm for any legal work needed in the future.


Debra Martinez J

April 15, 2014

Le quiero dar las gracias a todo su equipo y sobre todo a la señorita actuó muy profesional. El día de la entrevista con el Juez.

Lorena Rios

March 10, 2014

Dear Keyshia,

You are an AWSOME person, not often do clients thank the people who do all the work behind the lawyers. You were always there for us, you explained things very clearly. When Mr. New didn’t understand you would repeat it for him.

You also told us we would NOT lose our house. You called when you needed something or to remind us of dates. If I called you would call right back. This was very much appreciated. The flowers are for your desk, so you can remember us.



Mr. and Mrs. New

March 10, 2014

Dear Mr. Joseph Shulter,

Not very often do clients get to tell their lawyer THANK YOU. I could hear you walking down the hall and the closer you got the more scared I got. We were both ashamed for having to file bankruptcy. We knew we had to protect ourselves due to our ages and health.

You were a huge help, took my hand and said don’t worry – these are the questions they will be asking you both. Then when we went in and finaly felt a little better. It was nice of you to come over and say are you O.K.?

You work for an awesome law firm. Attorney Josh Childress was very helpful and Keyshia out did herself.

Thanks for everything!


Mr. and Mrs. Milton New

March 10, 2014

Dear Mr. Jeffrey Davis;

Not very often do clients comment on positive things. As you know Mr. New and I filed bankruptcy with your firm.

The service was awesome. To begin we met with Josh Childress and went over everything. He answered all our questions. Our main concern was we were not going to lose our home. He promised we would not.

Then Keyshia took over. After filling out a lot of papers, she could tell there were things my husband did not understand, so she would go back over them. She called any time she had a question and always returned my calls immediately then I called asking for her. She also assured us we would not lose our house. At 76 and 81 I hope you understand our concern.

I was scared to death the day we had to go to court. I was sitting waiting for Attorney Joseph Shulter when I heard a voice and knew he had met my husband and as they were walking toward me I fell apart. Attorney Shulter was so comforting. He told me not to worry and explained some of the questions that were going to be asked. He stood by me and said “lets” go inside so you can see how it works. While we were waiting he came over and asked are you O.K.?

This is my way of saying thanks for your outstanding partners and staff, We were not raised to be doing something like this, but knowing one of us might be gone within a few years we had to take care of this to take care of one another.


Mr. and Mrs. New

March 10, 2014

Dear Josh Childress,

Not often do clients reward their lawyer with a thank you.

Meeting you on something like this was so scary. You knew how important not losing our house was to both of us. Your help was so assuring to us.

Filling out the papers and you assuring us by saying YES you are the person who did need to file bankruptcy was a big weight off our shoulders.

We were ashamed and should of known better. The credit course we took showed us several things to change, which we are working towards.

Thanks for being there for us. Keyshia and Mr. Shulter were both very helpful also.


Mr. and Mrs. Milton New

January 7, 2014

Thank you for your help in acquiring my social security benefits.

Guadalupe Santos

December 28, 2013

Dear Davis Law Firm Staff,

A million thanks for being my attorney and helping me obtain social security benefits. God almighty will bless you and your business!
Thank you so much and love you all,

Mr. Benjamin Avalos

Thank you for all the assistance you gave me in pursuit of some disability benefits.  I want to thank Lucinda for being with me all the way to the finish.  Again, thank you very much and if I need help again, I will seek it from your firm.

Juan Baca

Davis Law Firm has the best staff anyone could ask for.

Roberta Freeman

Dear Staff at Davis Law Firm,

I want to say Thank You today for what your firm has done in helping me keep my home. I made my “first” mortgage payment today and feel such a huge relief in knowing I am able to keep my home for my children to grow up in. From the first consultation with Mr. Childress to the filing with Jo Lynn, there were never any judgments by your staff and they were and still remain always helpful and comforting. There are no words that can describe the scariness of almost losing everything but in the same right, no words to describe how thankful I am that I have a second chance.

You have been my superheroes this year and have saved me from myself. You have given me back hope and a sense of stability in my life that has been missing for a while now. I will be forever grateful for your help and support!


Nicole Franklin
Asst. Director of Environmental Services
J & J Worldwide Services

Jeff Davis & Staff,

Thank you so much in helping my sister Norma Heithcamp on receiving her social security benefits. Thanks for the long fight and yes you did have her back.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help. As a former business owner I felt it was important to share my appreciation with you and your legal team. My accident and the entire process afterwards had me worried and nervous about how it would be handled. Choosing your law firm ended being a great decision! I will recommend your services to anyone in need of help. You truly have an outstanding customer service standard. Thank you all.

Amber G.

Mr. Davis, I just want to express my thanks for the way my case was handled. Your employees are to be commended for a job well done. They gave 100% to make the resolution of my case a success. I am very pleased with the outcome and very thankful for having the pleasure to work with your team.

Barbara J.

It was a pleasure to have had you working on my case. I didn’t have to worry because you did everything in a timely manner. You kept in touch with me at all times, especially when I didn’t know if the driver that hit me had insurance. It’s good to have someone who knows their job so well. If I ever need help again, I will surely pick the Davis Law Firm. Thank you.

Elizabeth V.

The Davis Law Firm has not only the knowledge we needed but the right people we needed to get the results we needed. You worked with us from the beginning to end. You were there every step of the way. Thank you!

Rene G.

Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda y su esfuerzo en mi caso. Que Dios los bendiga.

Maricela T.

I wanted to thank you for the holiday message and wish you folks the best. Thank you for your help with my case!

Greg B.

I truly wanted to compliment the way you presented your law firm. Kudos for your professionalism. I look forward to our participation in this case.

Luis C.

I checked my account and saw the deposit! Thanks for everything you did. Great Job!

Eric A.

Thank you for representing me in court today. We won! A big load has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you and May God continue to bless each of you!

Ray B.

I want to take time out to thank you for your time and attention. I surely appreciated all of your advice and I am definitely going to take advantage of it. But most of all, I thank you for making me feel important and not like I was just another person seeking advice. I will recommend your services to others.

Cynthia K.

My wife and I want to take the opportunity to thank your legal team at Davis Law Firm for the way you handled our case. The personal attention and professionalism afforded to us by your entire team was unsurpassed; we could not be happier or more thankful for your help in getting us through this very difficult time.

Don & Donna M.

Margaret and I both were really pleased with the way Davis law firm handled our case and in particular how you kept us in the loop at all times.

David B.

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