Halloween night is typically a night full of celebration and spooky thrills! As a driver, however, you want to be sure that those spooky situations are exclusive to the playful costumes of ghosts and zombies. The last thing you want to experience on Halloween night is injury due to a car accident.  Below you may find three simple tips to avoid auto accidents.

Halloween Safety 2018
Trick-or-treaters out on Halloween night 2018.

Drive Slowly

Given the volume of sugar-crazed kids on the street, as well as irresponsible drunk drivers the likeliness of making mistakes due to distractions is high. Kids may become distracted and might not see your vehicle coming down the street.  Vision impairment by trick-or-treaters’ masks and costumes may also cause pedestrian carelessness. As some children might not have acquired road safety skills, it is important that as a driver your Halloween commutes be at a slower pace. When driving through residential areas it is imperative that you drive slowly. Not only will this give you a better chance of reacting to any situations that may surface, but it can also reduce the damage caused by a car accident.

Use Your Lights

Headlights are a great way to alert pedestrians that your car is approaching. Visibility will likely abstain kids from running out to incoming traffic unannounced. Although you may plan for the best should still be prepared for unexpected pedestrian traffic. In the same manner, pedestrians shouldn’t be drivers’ only concern. The added stress and worry over trick-or-treaters can make it harder to focus on other drivers. With this in mind, utilizing driving signals is vital on Halloween night. Drivers should utilize proper signaling at all times and especially on Halloween night.

Avoid Distractions

We recommend you keep your smart phone out of sight if you are the driver.  On Halloween night it is equally crucial to turn the radio to a minimum and keep your eyes on the road and on the sidewalks at all times.  Loud music could camouflage important incoming road sounds that can help bring awareness of incoming crows.

Don’t Drink And Drive

Last year we wrote about avoiding drinking and driving on Halloween night.  If you are planning on drinking Halloween night you should also plan on a designated driver.  Now days all you need is a smart phone to find your designated driver.  Popular ride-booking service companies like Uber and lyft can connect you to a designated driver through your mobile application.

The 4’s Are With You

Davis Law Firm hopes you consider taking the Halloween precautions above. As drivers in and out of transit, you must always be aware of your surroundings while out on the roads.  Note that Halloween is known to be one of the most dangerous days for people out on the roads.  We encourage you to follow local traffic laws and stay safe by avoiding road distractions.  If you plan on drinking Halloween night also plan your ride! If you need us don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are Personal Injury Attorneys ready and on standby to assist you with your injury case this Halloween night.  Davis Law Firm remains available 24/7 to take your legal inquiry call. Don’t wait and call the 4’s for your free personal injury legal evaluation.