Box Cutter Accidents

Opening gifts on Christmas morning is what kids look forward to the most during the holiday season. Waking up to a tree filled with gifts in shiny glossy wrapping paper can cause anxiety and carelessness.  Kids tend to quickly rip the wrapping paper to shreds in any means possible. It’s hard to imagine that every year nearly 6,000 people take a trip to the ER during the holidays for box cutter related personal injury accidents. A box cutter is a handheld tool that uses a razor thin blade to slice through tape and cardboard that is common on certain job

People often use box cutters when products come in difficult to open packaging. Box cutter’s lethality are often underestimated because the blades are usually short and small. The razor thin blade can slice through skin and cause serious injuries.

Unsafe Cutting – Personal Injury Accidents

A box cutter is a tool with a descriptive name. It does what its name stands for and people risk serious injury when using box cutters incorrectly or in an unsafe manner. People who use a box cutter by pulling the blade towards them as they are cutting pose a risk for harmful or serious injuries. Using a dull blade is also a safety risk. The blade can slip and cut a user because of the added force applied to complete its task.  The dullness of the blade can cause unwanted motions that can compromise your safety.  Another common factor in box cutting injuries happened when people get distracted while utilizing the utility knife and suffer a cut.

Blades can be extremely dangerous and can result in a personal injury.

Blade Safety

Safe Solutions created a series of safety tips for anyone who uses, or expects to use, a box cutter during the holidays to open gifts.

  • Always cut away from your body. Pull the blade away from you instead of towards you while cutting.
  • Know that certain box cutters come equipped with spare replacement blazes inside the handle. Use caution when opening the handle to avoid cutting your fingers.
  • Never try to catch it a box cutter, or any sharp tool, if it slips off your hand or falls of a surface. First reaction to catch something can result in serious injury if you accidently grab the blade.
  • Sharp blades will cut cleanly through a box. Dull blades will tug and pull, which is more likely to cause your hand to slip and cut to your hand.
  • Stay focused and keep your eyes on your work while using a box cutter. If you are interrupted while using a box cutter, put it down first before engaging with whatever the distracted may be.
  • Place your box cutter in a holder when not in use.
  • Always pass a box cutter handle first and with the blade retracted. Like all tools, never throw a box cutter to a friend or coworker.
  • When cutting cardboard, extend the blade only to the thickness needed to cut the cardboard. This not only prevents damage to items inside the box, but also improves cutting leverage.
  • This is mainly for people who work around box cutters, but if you have access to wear cut resistant gloves they can minimize your risk for injury

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