Don’t Let Lawsuit Stigmas Make You Suffer

Most people who decide to go to court are people with serious damages as a result of someone else’s mistake.  Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit has gained a negative reputation thanks to cases like the misunderstood woman who sued McDonalds because her coffee was too hot, or the woman who “found” a human finger in her bowl of chili at Wendy’s.

If you’ve been injured, legal help is sometimes the only way to get compensated for damages and suffering.  Don’t let misplaced shame stop you from getting what you deserve.

The following are three internet famous cases that prove some people will come up with any excuse to file a lawsuit.

Beer Goggles For the Lonely


In 1991, Richard Overton filed a lawsuit against Anheuser-Bush for false advertisement. Their ad, at the time, showed that consuming Budweiser beer would lure beautiful and attractive women. Overton drank the beer but beautiful women did not line up at his doorstep to confess their ever burning love for him, so he decided to take it to court. Overton sued for emotional distress, mental injury, and financial loss, which he figured was worth $10,000 dollars. The case lasted three years before ultimately being dismissed. Seems like an awful lot of trouble just to find a date.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

In 1993, Robert Lee Brock was sent to prison for breaking and entering, and grand larceny.

In 1995, he decided to take legal action – against himself!

Brock filed a lawsuit against himself for $5 million dollars, claiming that he had violated his own civil rights. Brock argued that his religious beliefs forbid him from drinking alcohol, but he chose to drink anyway. The decision to drink would lead him, according to Brock, to commit the crimes he was found guilty of. What makes this case even more odd is that Brock demanded the state should pay the $5 million since he was a, “warden of the state.” The case was quickly dismissed, but not without acknowledging Brock’s creativity.


An Internet Celebrity Without Ever Being Online

Some of you may have heard of Jonathan Lee Riches. He was convicted of identify theft and conspiracy in 2006, and suddenly found himself in prison with all the time in the world. Riches decided to pass the time by writing lawsuits. From 2006 until his release from prison in 2012, Riches filed over 2,600 lawsuits in almost every district in the country.

He filed lawsuits against people like: Martha Stewart, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, Steve Jobs, and Britney Spears.

Riches’ most famous lawsuit included 783 defendants in a hand written, 57 page document. In that document, Riches was suing everyone from George Bush and James ‘Jimmy’ Hoffa, to the Holy Grail and Pluto.


Riches even sued the Guinness Book of World Records for labeling him as, “the most litigious individual in history”, even though that never happened. Some say that these lawsuits are in some way a form of writing while others say that he is a menace and is merely trying to waste people’s time.

Your Case Matters

As you can see, lawsuits are being filed everyday for an endless amount of reasons. It is people like these that give legal action a bad reputation. Don’t let the stigma prevent you from seeking legal help after an accident.  Some people will sue for just about anything, but if you are the victim of an accident and are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially you deserve to be compensated.

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