2019 Motorcycle Accidents

2018 saw many terrible and fatal motorcycle accidents on the roads of San Antonio. Unfortunately, that is a trend we encounter almost every year, and this article will provide riders with some tips that should help them to avoid injury and ensure that they can get from A to B without being involved in a collision. Of course, anyone who suffers an accident will need to get in touch with professional lawyers like Davis Law Firm to ensure that they get the compensation and justice that they deserve. With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most shocking motorcycle accidents from 2018.

Interstate 10 – July 2018

The San Antonio Express-News reported an incident on July 25th in which a motorcyclist was killed in a crash while exiting Interstate 10 West at Camp Bullis Road. The motorcyclist was trying to pass a GMC work van that was already in the exit lane on the right and struck the van’s back right bumper. The impact of this accident was so large that the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Northwest Military Highway  – September 2018

A story from KSAT published in September of 2018 discusses a motorcyclist who died after colliding with a turning SUV. The San Antonio Police said there was nothing they could do for the victim, and they pronounced the 35-year-old rider dead at the scene.

There are many more instances of terrible motorcycle accidents in San Antonio every single year, and you only have to take a moment to search Google to find news reports detailing those incidents.

Below, you will find some road safety tips for motorcyclists who want to ensure they never encounter issues or face too many dangers on the road.

Motorcycle Safety Tips:

Always make sure that you check weather reports before starting out on lengthy commutes. This is especially vital for motorcyclists because the roads can become slippery, and you will struggle to remain safe in the same way as you would when behind the wheel of a car.

Always leave a suitable distance between your vehicle and the car or bike in front of you. Experts recommend you should leave a gap of around ten meters or two average-sized cars. That way, you will have no trouble when it comes to applying your brakes and moving out of the way in an emergency.

Always wear protective clothing and equipment. You would not believe the number of motorcyclists who still leave home without a helmet. You must wear that item and leather attire if you wish to protect yourself as much as possible.

Always check that your motorcycle is safe to drive. It’s vital that you perform maintenance checks on your bike every couple of weeks to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. The last thing you need is for a wheel to come loose at high speeds.

Davis Law Firm hopes you use the information from this page to ensure you don’t become another road accident statistic during 2019. Also, remember that you can get in touch with us for advice and representation if you become involved in a collision and you want to seek the justice for which you are entitled.

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