18 Wheels Rolling with Nobody Paying Attention

Semi-trucks are a common sight when traveling on America’s highways. Big 18 wheelers haul cargo across the country every day. Driving next to a semi-truck can feel intimidating as you stare up at the diesel giant wondering if the driver can see you. Imagine catching a glimpse of them chatting away on their cell phone as they barrel down the interstate at 70 mph – wouldn’t you worry?

The American Trucking Association estimates that there are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the country. That means there are potentially millions of commercial trucks on the road right now with a distracted driver behind the wheel.

Trucking Accidents

Tractor Trailers Handle like Cargo Ships

A distracted truck driver is an unnecessary risk that can cause a fatal accident. A semi-truck cannot turn, brake, or accelerate as quickly as an average sized vehicle. The split second reaction time needed to avoid an accident is shortened for truck drivers. Trying to stop a semi-truck at speed is like trying to stop a freight train – you’re going to need plenty of time and space which you rarely have in an emergency situation.

There is a Risk to Being a Distracted Driver, but what is the Price?

The average cost of an injury from a truck accident is $342,000, while the average cost of a fatal truck accident is $7.9 million.

Flirting with Disaster – Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is an epidemic that is affecting motorists of all trades. Each year, the roads of America witness 1.6 million car crashes caused by distracted drivers. In 2013, over 3 thousand people died in accidents caused by a distracted driver. From truck drivers to parents taking their kids to school, everyone with access to a smart phone and a vehicle is at risk of being distracted. When someone uses a phone while driving the chances of them getting into an accident is not a matter of if- it’s a matter of when.

Watch the Road, Because the Truck Next to You Might Not Be


At any given time there are an estimated 660,000 drivers using their phone while they drive, including truck drivers. Even though you may be obeying the law, chances are that the cars around you are not. Protect yourself, and those around you by putting the phone away while you drive.

Preventing Distracted Driving

94% of people agree with a ban on texting and driving. Also, 74% agree on banning using a cell phone while driving altogether.

The majority of people know that they are risking their lives when they type LOL, yet the statistics are not decreasing. The government has no choice but to pass laws making it illegal to text and drive, and police are out on patrol looking to catch drivers red handed. The fear of getting a traffic ticket is what police officials hope will keep drivers’ hands away from the phone and on the wheel.

A distracted driver is a risk on its own, but what if the truck they are driving is not fit for duty? Semi-trucks with defective parts are a danger that causes serious and fatal accidents every year.

Injured by a Distracted Driver? Call a Car Accident Attorney

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