Truck Accidents: Facts You Need To Know!

Top 10 Truck Accident Factors

As reported by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the following ten factors for truck accidents are ranked in order of the most common after evaluating hundreds of potential factors. They are:

  1. Brake problems
  2. Traffic flow interruption (congestion, previous crash)
  3. Prescription drug use
  4. Traveling too fast for conditions
  5. Unfamiliarity with roadway
  6. Roadway problems
  7. Required to stop before the crash (traffic control device, crosswalk)
  8. Over-the-counter drug use
  9. Inadequate surveillance
  10. Fatigue

What Provokes a Truck Accident?

Semi-truck drivers are sometimes the cause of accidents and also sometimes the victims, just like any other type of vehicle. Along with the ordinary dangers encountered on the road, such as speeding and distracted drivers, truck drivers must face the danger of fatigue that approaches after incredibly long shifts behind the wheel. This is due to the fact that truck drivers, more often than not, are paid by the load. So, these drivers may attempt to complete as many deliveries as possible in order to make the most money. In other words, the more they drive the more they make. Governing agencies usually try to regulate this lack of rest, but rules are not always followed.

In addition to the danger of a truck driver’s own oversight, the semi-truck itself can become a danger to other drivers. Occasionally, the driver may not know their truck is not properly inspected or improperly loaded before the starting on their route. Mechanical breakdowns in a semi-truck can cause loss of control for the driver of what is often a 30-ton vehicle. If the truck is loaded incorrectly, sometimes freight can fall from the truck and hurt unsuspecting motorists. These are only a few of the issues with commercial truck safety. 

The consequence of an automobile accident involving a semi-truck is an additional variable. The size and weight of these very large trucks greatly increase the risk of death and serious bodily injury to anyone involved in a truck accident.

Common Types of Truck Accidents 

There are several different types of truck accidents ranging from driver error to broken equipment. Some of the most common types of truck accidents include:

1. Jackknife accidents which arise when a truck comes to a sudden stop and the trailer loses traction with the road. The trailer attached to the truck may swing forward, resulting in loss of control and a serious accident.

2. Driver fatigue can quickly lead to an accident. When a driver hasn’t had the rest they need, they can make mistakes at the wrong time, leading to a potentially serious accident.

3. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is particularly dangerous, even deadly when you are dealing with a big truck. Although professional drivers are aware that they shouldn’t operate a truck under the influence, some still do.

4. Unsafe lane changes can result in lasting injury. Trucks are much bigger than other vehicles on the road, and without cautious maneuvers, they can easily injure pedestrians, other drivers, or anyone else on the road.

5. Turning accidents are a common type of truck accident. When trucks make turns, they sometimes require more room than other vehicles on the road. A truck driver’s mistake can result in you being harmed.

6. Rear-end collisions can easily harm occupants of a car. A fully loaded truck can weigh tens of thousands of pounds, which means the truck needs much more space and time to come to a complete stop. If a truck driver tailgates another vehicle, a serious wreck could occur.

What is So Different about Semi-Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents can be much more complicated than accidents between two ordinary passenger vehicles. Firstly, these accidents usually involve much more serious injuries and losses than crashes involving only cars. The stakes are much higher in many truck cases.

Wrecks that involve semi-trucks or 18-wheelers usually become more complicated due to how automated trucking has become. Trucks are equipped with electronic data recorders, electronic logs, and other technologies that ordinary cars probably don’t have. Truckers and the shipping companies they are employed at are required to maintain detailed records, including information about truck maintenance along with the driver’s work schedule.

Truck accidents may also involve several different parties, all responsible for the accident to different degrees. For example, in a possible truck accident, the truck driver, a trucking company, an equipment manufacturer, a cargo loader, and many others may be responsible for the accident. Each of the groups may carry their own liability insurance coverage. This means that after a truck accident you may be trying to recover from various companies, but they all may deny their responsibility.

As you can see, truck accidents tend to be much more involved than a standard car accident and significantly more difficult to resolve. This is why it is crucial to have an experienced truck accident attorney by your side throughout the entire process. If you have been injured in a truck wreck contact us at (210) 444-4444, (956) 444-4444 or (361) 999-9999.

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