What To Expect On St. Patrick’s Day

Each year, celebrations all over the world commence for St. Patrick’s Day.  The Irish Holiday has been a public holiday since 1903.  In Ireland, one tradition called “drowning the shamrock” involves putting a shamrock at the bottom of a cup and filling it up with whiskey or beer before party goers drink it. In the US, we have adopted the celebration of the Holiday and can expect high spirits, with plenty of intoxicated individuals roaming the bars, pubs, and even the streets. We believe you can have a fun, safe time while celebrating.

St. Patrick’s day, like all holidays, fills the streets with potential dangers. Car accidents happen more often when holidays are traditionally celebrated with alcohol. Temptations to drink and drive can be high during the holiday. Even if you have had one drink, do not get behind the wheel. Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. In order to be safe this St. Patrick’s Day, we have a list of tips to get you through the celebrations.

Driving Safety Tips For St. Patrick’s Day

It’s important to pay attention to these driving safety tips for St Patrick’s Day:

It is important to plan ahead if you’re going to be drinking. Alcohol impairs your judgement. Never drink and drive.
  1. Plan a safe ride home before the festivities begin.
  2. Do not lose your friends, and make sure they stay within their limits too.
  3. If you know people who are about to drive while impaired, take their keys and help them make other travel arrangements.
  4. Designate a sober driver and leave your car keys at home. If you’re planning on driving, commit to staying sober.
  5. Don’t leave your drink unattended and do not accept a drink from a stranger.
  6. Use public transportation such as a local taxi service or your community’s sober ride program.
  7. Other people on the road may have been drinking, so you will need to be extra cautious. Drive carefully even if you’re the designated driver.
  8. Look out for pedestrians who may have had one too many. Keep your eyes on the road for potential incoming traffic.
  9. Always have an alternative plan in case your original ride home gets compromised.

Thinking ahead and following through with the steps above can help you avoid costly legal trouble or serious injuries.

Drunk Driving Stats

Don’t think that drunk driving on St. Patrick’s Day is that much of a problem? Think again:

The statistics show that drunk driving during St. Patrick’s Day Holiday is a big problem, and that anybody on the road during this time should keep their wits about them and drive vigilantly. It can be tempting to drink and drive, but it just isn’t worth the risk. At the very least, you could get pulled over and receive a hefty fine and face criminal charges. Know you could seriously injure yourself, passengers, and other road users if you are not careful during St. Patrick’s Day.

Injured on St. Patrick’s Day? Call the 4’s!

Preparing yourself in advance can help improve your response and safeguard your road safety. If you are involved in an accident, knowing what to do is important. Injuries may not be as noticeable right away and that is why we recommend you seek medical attention after an accident.  If you are able to move your car, getting it to the side of the road and putting on your hazard lights can prevent further accident risks.

Your chances of finding a four leaf clover are  1 in 10,000, but your chances of being in a car accident are 1 in 77.  If you are involved in accident during St. Patricks Day don’t hesitate to contact our office at (210)444-4444, (956)444-4444 or (361)444-4444.  We are available 24/7 to take your call and assist you with your personal injury case.  Our injury attorneys offer a free consultation. With offices throughout South Texas, the 4’s are with you!