September 1st

According to CBS4Denver, wrongful termination cases have increased since the economic downturn. Reporter Andrea Lopez writes that age discrimination suits, in particular, are on the rise.

Do you feel you have been the victim of age discrimination in the workplace? According to the legal expert interviewed by Lopez, several conditions must be met. Firstly, are you over forty? Secondly, are you performing to or exceeding the standards set forth by your employer? In addition, are you experiencing an adverse event by your employer? This could be a termination, demotion, pay cut or some other negative action. In the case of a termination, were you replaced by someone under forty?

If so, you may be the victim of age discrimination. If you feel your age has been a factor in your career success, make sure you know the facts. Call the employment law professionals at Davis Law Firm. Make sure your merits, not your age, are the driving force behind your career trajectory.