In our society today, one hears much criticism of medical malpractice lawsuits as if they were a form of abuse directed at the medical profession. For the record, Davis Law Firm does not support the idea of frivolous lawsuits that seek to punish doctors when medical treatment outcomes are not what a patient unrealistically hoped for, without good cause — or other types of trumped-up charges against health care providers.

The type of medical patient we aim to protect is one who has suffered very serious harm in the context of medical care because of gross negligence. Our clients’ cases are confirmed worthy by medical experts. Examples of medical malpractice cases that we might accept could be:

  • Surgical instrument left in body
  • Wrong body part operated on
  • Intubation in emergency room (ER) done improperly, resulting in hypoxic brain injury
  • Serious medication errors, with disastrous results, involving medicines that interacted poorly with another drug the patient was taking or that a patient was on record as being allergic to
  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer based on diagnostic laboratory mistakes such as switching patients’ records or failure of physician to notify patient of malignancy revealed in images
  • Birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy, caused by oversight by birthing attendant technicians, nurses or obstetricians, violating accepted standards of care

Whatever your circumstances concerning an injury occurring through medical care in New Mexico, Davis Law Firm has an open door. Our Albuquerque medical malpractice attorneys offer no-obligation consultations. There is no charge for telling one of our experienced lawyers your story. You can expect to receive valuable advice and recommendations during your initial meeting with one of our attorneys.

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