Life Affects Us All the Same Way

We all like to think that famous celebrities live in a different reality from the rest of us. Living in a reality in which bad hair days don’t exist, and you never hear the word “no”. However, celebrities are just people who happened to be in front of a camera more often than most, as side from that they have the same daily troubles we do. They have to deal with the annoyances and dangers of everyday life just as we do – like going to court.

Celebrities Lawsuits

Celebrities are people just like us, and like us they can find themselves defending or fighting for what they deserve in a court of law. Car accidents, unpaid debt, or work place related injuries are common reasons to file for a personal injury lawsuit. They are also the reasons the following celebrities found themselves in front of a judge next to their attorneys.

hulk hoganHulk Hogan – The Fast & The Critically Injured

This personal injury lawsuit was not Hulk Hogan’s fault, but he was stuck with the financial blame. In 2007, Hogan’s 17 year old son, Nick Bollea, was involved in a terrible car accident when his Toyota Supra crashed into a palm tree. Nick was not alone in the car, and his friend John Graziano was left critically injured as a result. Graziano suffered brain damage and was in the hospital for two years. Hogan had to settle with the Graziano family, and Bollea spent five months in jail.

brett michaelsBret Michaels – Hard Rock & Brain Hemorrhage

If you are a fan of 80’s heavy metal then you know Bret Michaels as the former front-man for the hair band Poison. Michaels had to file a personal injury lawsuit against CBS and the Tony Awards after being injured on stage. A descending backdrop hit Michaels on the head which forced him to the ground causing a broken nose and brain hemorrhage. Michaels claimed that he was never informed about the set change and was not given proper instructions to exit, which lead to the accident. The lawsuit was settled, but the terms were kept private.

joe francisJoe Francis – The 40 Million Dollar Lie

Joe Francis is the creator of “Girls Gone Wild”, and Steve Wynn is a casino and hotel owner, both these men decided to settle an unpaid debt in court. The trouble started when Francis owed Wynn a $2 million dollar gambling debt at one of his casinos and Francis claimed Wynn threaten to kill him if the debt was not payed. Francis learned the hard way that you must be careful of what they say about someone. Wynn sued Francis for defamation of character and won a $40 million dollar lawsuit against him – an expensive lesson.

Adrian Bailey – Under The Sea, Full of Broken Bones

Adrian Bailey was performing in the Broadway musical “The Little Mermaid” when he sustained work related injuries during a performance when he fell through a trap door. A broken back, shattered pelvis, and fractured foot, sternum, and wrist were the resulting injuries he suffered. Bailey filed a lawsuit against Disney by claiming that there were no warnings or safety devices at the time of the accident that could have prevented it. Workplace safety is important in any job.

A Part Of Life

All of us go through life hoping that we are never put in a situation where we have to go to court to defend ourselves, or to fight for what we deserve, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If the day comes that you see yourself walking up the steps of a courthouse the only thing you can truly rely on is who is on your side. Getting involved in a lawsuit is something that can happen to anyone.

Jeff Will Fight 4 You

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