Holiday Drunk Driving – The Most Dangerous Time Of The Year

Most Dangerous Time of the Year for Drunk Driving

As 2019 draws comes to an end, we look forward to the end of the year holidays that bring family and friends together. The holiday season can also mean an increase in traffic, as more people hit the roads to meet with their loved ones for the holidays. A heartwarming sentiment knowing that so many people travel great distances just to be together, but every cause has an effect and the effect is an increase in risk. Year in and year out, the holidays in December are the most dangerous to motorists traveling during this time of the year. During Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day an increase in drunk driving, DUI’s and fatal car wrecks occur.

Between Christmas and New Year’s

According to, there is no significant increase in drunk driving during the Christmas Holiday. However, there is a 33% increase in DUI traffic stops on Christmas Eve. A result of people driving home feeling merrier than usual thanks to one too many drinks at a Christmas party. DUI stops means that there are more drivers on the road who shouldn’t be. For every drunk driver police pull off the road there may be many other drivers that passes them.

If you plan on driving the during the Christmas Holiday take extra precaution. Keep greater distances between you and other vehicles to avoid a car accident with a potentially drunk driver. Be aware of your own sobriety if you plan on indulging in holiday festivities. Plan ahead by scheduling an Uber, Taxi, Lyft or designated driver to give yourself peace of mind knowing that you’ll arrive home safety to enjoy the Christmas Holiday. Better yet, be the hero of the night and be the designated driver.

Holiday Drunk Drivers

In 2013, USA Today reported that AAA estimated that nearly 27,900 people would be seriously injured in an auto accident during December holidays.  The different factors at play during the holidays create a perfect storm of liability for traveling motorists. You have teen and young drivers on holiday break filling the roads with their inexperienced driving habits. People who don’t usually drink alcohol, but will partake in one or two drinks in the spirit of the season.

This can cause them to underestimate their low tolerance for alcohol and drive home unaware of their level of intoxication. Add that with motorists just trying to make it home in time for the holidays and you have a greater risk for a car wreck resulting in serious injury, or worse. Sadly, almost every year there are 1,200 alcohol-related deaths during the holiday season nationwide.

Holiday drunk drivers is a problem that not only affects our state, but the entire nation every year.

Legal Peace of Mind

One often plans ahead for the unexpected during the holidays. Buying extra amounts of food for a party, checking tires for upcoming bad weather, or even double checking the light bulbs on Christmas light decorations. Having an auto accident attorney on hand, or knowing which one to call, in the event of a holiday season highway wreck, is being responsible and keeping a peace of mind. A personal injury lawyer can help you keep safe after a car accident by assisting you with medical attention and fighting for what you deserve against insurance companies who deny your claim.

Jeff is Here 4 You

This holiday season, if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to a careless driver Jeff is here for you. Davis Law Firm is here 24/7, through the holidays, to listen to your case. Our team of legal representatives offer free consultation at no risk to you! Don’t allow the negligence of others affect the rest of your life, contact us today.