What Are Backing Accidents?

According to the IIHS, a back-over crash occurs when a vehicle backs into a person such as a pedestrian or bicyclist. Most often when exiting a driveway or parking spot. These crashes are usually at low speeds. The NHTSA estimates that 267 deaths and nearly 15,000 injuries are caused by backing accidents. Those most at risk for serious injury in these accidents are young children and elderly people. One effort at decreasing the number of backing accidents is using backup cameras and proximity sensors.

The Drawbacks to Backup Cameras

Backup cameras in vehicles will be mandatory beginning in May 2018. Even though this technology has been around for nearly a decade drivers are still getting used to them. It’s muscle memory to want to turn your head and look behind you when backing up. Some drivers find it unnerving to trust a computer screen to guide them while reversing. Plus, back cameras don’t work as well during bad weather. The camera lens is outside the vehicle which means rain, snow, dirt, mud, can block or distort the image.

Even the NTHSA predicts that backup cameras will only prevent 58 to 69 deaths a year once they become mandatory. Studies have been done to see how effective backup cameras and proximity sensors are in real world situations. They tested them by putting an object the size of a 12-15 month toddler. While the object was not moving the backup camera was able to prevent most collisions, and was more effective than just relying on proximity sensors. However, both these technologies were not as effective when the object was moving. For example, where a person runs across the back of a vehicle without warning.

Photo provided by IIHS

Most Common Places for Backing Accidents

Backing accidents typically happen at low speeds.  Residential areas like driveways, apartment parking lots or townhouse complexes account for an nearly 39% of fatal backing accidents. Nonresidential areas, public parking lots, account for just 17%, but 52% in injuries from backing accidents. The best way to prevent hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist while backing up is being aware of your surroundings. Doing a safety check around your vehicle before getting inside if you are in an area where children play is also recommended.

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