Child Car Seat Safety Statistics

In 2015, over 600 children ages 12 and under died in car accidents. That same report revealed that of those tragic accidents, 35% of fatalities were due to children not being bucked up. The previous year reported more than 121,000 injuries, in children 12 and under, were due to car crashes. These statistics were reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. NPR published an article stating that 43% of children who died in car wrecks were improperly restrained. Since traffic accident rates are on the rise, child car seat safety is becoming a bigger priority.

Child Booster Seat Safety
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Child Passenger Safety Law in Texas

According to, the law in Texas states all children younger than 8 years old, unless 4’9″, are required to be in the appropriate child safety seat system whenever they ride in a passenger vehicle.  The safety system MUST be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Below is also the list of recommendations for child passenger safety:

  • Phase 1 – Rear Facing Car Seats: Infants, newborn to 2 years old. It is recommended that parents use rear-facing infant or rear-facing convertible safety seats up to the height or weight limit of the seat.
  • Phase 2 – Forward Facing Car Seats: Children ages 2-4 years old. TxDPS recommends that children use these seats until they pass the height or weight limitations listed on the seat. Also, NEVER switch to forward facing until the child has met age, height, and weight requirements.
  • Phase 3 – Booster Seats: Children ages 4+. Use a booster seat until a lap/shoulder seat belt fits them properly. TxDPS states that you MUST use a lap/shoulder belt to use a booster seat. Also, child maturity is required if you are transitioning to a booster seat.
  • Phase 4 – Adult Safety Belt: Children ages 10-12+. Once a child has outgrown a booster seat a lap/shoulder seat belt should fit them properly.

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