Texas 2017 Beer Product Recall

In late January, Sierra Nevada Brewing issued a product recall. The recall was announced after they discovered a defect that would allow glass to chip and fall into the beer. The product recall affects 36 states, and Texas was one of them. The recall affects 8 different Sierra Nevada craft beers:

  • Pale Alesummer-sunshine-alcohol-drink
  • Torpedo Extra IPA
  • Otra Vez
  • Nooner
  • Hop Hunter IPA
  • Tropical Torpedo
  • Sidecar Orange Pale Ale
  • Beer Camp Golden IPA

Sierra Nevada states that this recall affects 1 in every 10,000 bottles, according to Fortune.

Serious Injury or Wrongful Death Product Recall

Product recalls cause serious injuries and even wrongful deaths every year. In 2015, the FDA and USDA had a grand total of 642 food recalls that year alone. Automotive recalls affecting 59.9 million vehicles in 2015. These recalls were a factor in a number of fatal car wrecks that year. Ignition recalls from General Motors caused 124 deaths and 274 injuries in 2015. Victims of product recalls can contact product liability and personal injury attorneys to ensure their rights are protected.

What to Do If You Have This Product in Your House

Sierra Nevada reports that no injuries or complaints have been reported.  The brewery will also pull unsold inventory off the shelves. Customers who have purchased products above are suggested to dispose of it and go to their website, Sierra Nevada Brewing, to request a refund.

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