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Were you injured in an accident with a truck, car, or company car in San Antonio? Call us today - Jeff Davis is here 4 you!


You have a right to pursue compensation for financial troubles that injury or death from a truck accident could cause. Whether you or a family member were involved, the Davis Law Firm is here for you.

Truck Accidents
Company Car

Company vehicles can come in all shapes and sizes, from small cars to enormous trucks. Whether you have been in an accident with a truck or another car, our attorneys can help you.

Company Vehicle Accident

The Davis Law Firm is the go-to law office for auto accident victims in Texas. Our firm is run by attorneys who were born and raised in South Texas. We know the specifics of state law and accidents in the region.

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The Davis Law Firm has become a trusted source of legal counsel and advocacy throughout South Texas communities and beyond in recent years. Our board-certified attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients throughout the state.

Our clients are our greatest priorities, and we never lose site of the impact that each case has on the client and his or her family. Because of this, we are committed to zealously advocating on clients' behalf to deliver the best possible result, no matter what legal matter they may face.

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Legal Solutions No Matter What Type of Case You May Face

  • Wrongful Death — Death of any member of a family can be disorienting and painful even when it is due to natural causes. An accident adds an extra layer of shock.
  • Workplace Accidents — Whether an accident occurs in a factory or at a construction site in San Antonio, our construction accident lawyers can help injured workers maximize recovery of benefits after an accident.
  • Oilfield Accidents — Injured workers and their families are urged to contact a lawyer as soon after an oilfield injury as possible. Do not count on the employer to cover all medical expenses, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation.
  • DWI Accidents — Strong signs of negligence, such as a DWI arrest, can help strengthen the case for compensation for the injured. Determining negligence that led to a crash is a critical component of a successful personal injury claim or lawsuit.
  • Motorcycle Accidents — Davis Law Firm is a trustworthy resource for motorcycle accident victims and their families. We are here to advise and assist you at a difficult time.
  • Medical Malpractice/Serious Injuries — A catastrophic injury victim will live with disabilities and dependencies for the rest of his or her life. Catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burn injuries with disfigurement and amputations.
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To learn more about how we can fight for your interests and your future, please contact our law offices today for a free initial consultation.

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Throughout each case, we diligently communicate with each client, equipping him or her with the answers and information he or she needs to make the best possible decisions in his or her case, as well as all legal options at his or her disposal.

Our clients appreciate the individualized and personable approach that we offer, tailoring solutions to their case, as well as their priorities and goals. We listen carefully to understand what is important to you and provide clear guidance to helping you achieve the desired outcome in the matter.